Friday, March 11, 2005


Okay, so much for keeping this thing updated!!! :-)

The boys are all better - so far. Although, B is complaining that his nose is running nonstop & he "sounds" like he has a cold. Other than that, he is fine. Of course, he doesn't believe me when I say that!

J is doing fabulous. He is now almost 14 months old. He is walking very well - although not far completely unassisted. He will take 5-10 steps before he looses his balance. If we hold at least one hand, he can walk very far. He is a real character though. Even at 14 months, he KNOWS what he wants or does not want. If I am in the way of something he wants to get at, he will try to push me aside to get at it!

N is almost 4 years old. His birthday is next month - in just a few weeks actually! Yikes! He is still a little train nut. LOVES anything to do with trains & can spot anything to do with trains from about a 1/2 mile away - seriously! :-)

B is doing great - other than his cold. He is progressing well in his school work. I just had him read a small chapter book - Magic Tree House - about the Olympics. He was able to tell me the basic plot so I thought that was pretty great!

I started both N & B in an AWANA program at a local church a few weeks ago. They are really having fun! It meets once a week. AWANA is similar to a scout program in the sense that they meet weekly & earn patches, but it is all based on Bible memorization, attendance, games, learning, & church/Sunday school attendance.

I'm planning on registration them next week for an indoor soccer program through a town rec program. No, not our town rec since there isn't one! It is in Skowhegan which is about 20-30 minutes away. The best part is that they can both do it - N hates to be left out - and they will play one night a week in back-to-back sessions so that will be great for me! I'm not sure what I'll have them do once this is done - it only runs until April. I may try baseball or swimming lessons. We'll have to see how it works out!

We just got 15 inches of snow Wednesday (3/9) and "they" (the nasty weather men! LOL) are now predicting we are going to get anywhere from 12-30 inches this weekend! YUCK! Do "they" not realize that spring is only a mere two weeks away? I don't think we'll have time for all this snow to melt if it keeps coming so fast! Although, I distinctly remember the March I was pregnant with N. We got a lot of big storms like this as well - I missed a lot of work since I was stuck at our house while my hubby tried to plow a path out of our driveway!

Hopefully I'll update this soon! :-)