Tuesday, October 3, 2006


Alright, just ignore those old posts on here. LOL I had originally started my blog here & found it too difficult to use so I started using homeschoolblogger. Now this one is easier - love how easy it is to add html stuff & just move it around. Way cool!

Okay - so there's my welcome...I'll post something real in a minute. If you want to read anything prior to October 2006 then click on this link.....www.homeschoolblogger.com/berrypatch I'm not going to move it all here. :-)

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  1. Lisa....did you find a way to use html instead of the little squares? I'd like to simply copy the codes from my current to the beta...I want to have the categories on the side and I'd like to do the books I'm reading too......I haven't figured all that out yet.


Oh thank goodness! I'm not here all alone. Thanks for leaving me a comment. It helps that I'm not always talking to myself. Right? Hello?