Tuesday, November 28, 2006

eBay help!!

Just when I think I have the whole eBay thing figured out, I get stumped. I've been selling (and buying) since August of 2005. I thought I knew most of the in's & out's. However, I did one of my cardinal 'no-no's' this past week.....I listed a large item without having a box for it!!! Ugh!

I sold our L.L. Bean baby backpack - since my "baby" turns 3 in January! The auction closed on Sunday. I like having my auctions mailed out ASAP so that the person gets what they bought in a timely matter AND (more importantly) it's no longer cluttering up my trailer! However, I do NOT have any reasonable box for this thing anywhere.

My dh brought a box home from work today - it was about 2-3 inches too short lengthwise. I tried one on Monday that his grandpa had - too shallow by a good five inches. I tried making a box out of cut-up priority mail boxes today. Not good. I finally called my dad tonight - the man who can find anything - and gave him the dimensions I need. He thinks he has one for me. If he does, I have to drive over there tomorrow to get it - an hour one way. I'm figuring I'll be making NO money on this thing at all!!!!

In case you are wondering, it's about 40 inches long, 20 inches high & 20 inches wide. Any ideas???

PS: I retried the box my dh brought home & it worked!!! It bulged just a bit on the end. So that is out in the mail!!! Except I just realized they wanted insurance on it & I didn't add that so I'll have to call the PO when it opens again in 30 minutes. I may have to make another trip out to add that. I'm kicking myself since it would have been free if I had done it through PayPal the first time around. Oh well!


  1. sorry about the box fiasco.... hope you find something soon.

  2. don't cut up and use priority boxes taped together - unless you are going to ship it priority. the post office hates it when you modify their boxes and they are willing to CHARGE you for it too. i did that last season and it is a big no no - so don't mess with the post office boxes :-)

    when we have large items, we just take a couple large boxes and make our own - tape and white glue. as long as it covers the item they don't care what shape it is.

    if you have to drive that far to get a box it's not worth it - then you aren't making any money - that is what makes ebay fun or not - i.e. making money or not! :-)

  3. i am loydboyz from the homeschoolblogger site - just so you can identify me :-)

  4. Lisa, I hate when I can't find the right sized box. Dh doesn't like me to save them, because he says we have 50 in the basement. Well, maybe so, but I can never find a matching top and bottom, and I like STURDY boxes!

    So . . . did your dad have a box?


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