Wednesday, November 29, 2006

eBay issue solved & other stuff from my day

I managed to stuff the backpack in to the box my dh brought home last night. Phew! It took five paper grocery bags to wrap it up in. It was a paper shredder box & had graphics all over it. I think I used about 1/2 a roll of packing tape. I used Paypal to print my label. I packed up the boys & we headed out. It had been icy in the early morning but had warmed up enough so the roads were clear. I had some books on tape from the library so they were all relatively happy in the drive. J was getting tired & dozed some on the ride. My PO is about a 15 minute - in the next town. My town is too small to have one.

From there we went to the next town over & I returned a bunch of bottles. That got me $5 - sweet. N came & helped me bring them all in to the redemption center. He loves to help.

I woke this morning with a cold. Ugh! My dh thought he had to share I guess. I've been taking remedies all day (homeopathic) & it's helping. My sore throat is gone & my nose isn't dripping any more. Oddly enough my foot has been cramping a lot today. It's the same one I sprained this summer so I started taking the remedy for that too. Hopefully that will work. Otherwise I'll try to figure out a different one.

While out & about J decided to fall asleep. That meant when we got home - at his nap time - he didn't want his nap. I let him stay up & play. I fed them all lunch. Then I printed out my eBay information to add to my database. At which point I realized the winner of the auction had bought insurance. I didn't realize it & never put it on the package. [sigh] I called the post office after they reopened (they close for an hour at lunchtime). I headed back down & added the insurance. I seem to have one auction every so often that gives me a lot of headaches. This seems to be the one at this point. But it is now all set & ready to go.

I sent the two older ones to their rooms for quiet time. Then I curled up on the couch with J. That was a nice nap - except for the constant questioning from the two older ones. I think I need to define "quite time" a bit better then next time we do that. The phone rang at 4pm & I ignored it since J was still sleeping & I was so comfy. Then my answering machine kicked in & it was a woman wanting to book a wedding. Yippee!!! I have a small photography business. When my sister & I do craft fairs I bring my portfolio. She had talked to me at the last one. She called today to book & ask some questions. I'm psyched! They are a lot of work & slightly nerve wracking - until I get the photos back (remember I still use regular film), but it is fun. My sister works with me at the wedding to get the photos & she's a big help there. We are doing another craft fair on Saturday & I'm praying it goes REALLY well this time.

I made pasta for dinner. J loves it. N & B do not - this is part of their whole eating issues. We were able to get N to eat two pieces (I made rotini & elbows with sauce) & B ate one. N said they were good but wouldn't eat more. No Popsicle then. We are making slow progress on this thing. I have to keep looking at the final goal to stay strong.

This is how my boys ended the night - on the couch watching America's Funniest Home Videos.


  1. Hope you're continuing to feel better and WHEW... I bet you're glad to have that package mailed off and out of your hair!

  2. Glad you figured out the whole box/insurance thing. What a headache.

    Maybe I can give you some of my kids "never have enough to eat and will eat anything" for some of your boys "I don't want to eat that" would all even out..right?

  3. My youngest has food issues as well and doesn't like much of anything. We started making her eat as many bites of whatever we have as her age (right now 5). She still doesn't like much, but is doing SOOO much better at trying things without all the drama.

    Diann (from SHS)

  4. Lisa - I love your graphic! Your day makes me tired to read about it. LOL

    Oh no - dreaded wavey letters below to navigate. ::snort::

  5. We LOVE America's Funniest Home Videos here! One of our favorite things to watch as a family.

    Hope you're feeling better soon!


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