Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Prep

Yesterday was my wonderful "Monthly Mommy Time." I head to my sister's & I scrapbook for 12+ hours. My sister is my best friend. However, I'm also blessed to have another best friend, Tammy, whom I met through scrapbooking about four years ago. The three of us have a wonderful time every month & really look forward to it. Two years ago we even started an annual "March Madness" sort of thing. We head to a local hotel & rent a suite, haul in tables, food, & all of our scrapbooking paraphernalia & spend three nights & four days away from family, locked in own little world, & enjoying ourselves immensely! Our next one is scheduled for next month & I am SO looking forward to it!!!

I didn't get as many layouts done as I had hoped & planned for. I'm currently hosting a File Folder Game swap on a group I'm in & I ended up cutting a bunch of die-cuts for two of the games I'll be making. One is going to have puzzle pieces (my sister has a great Sizzix puzzle piece die!!). One piece will have dots on it & the other will have the number & the child will have to match them. The other game is a color matching game. I cut out crayons (Quickutz die - again my sister's) in nine different colors. Then I started cutting out animals (again my sister's Sizzix died - however, don't let that fool anyone - Tammy has an amazing number of wonderful Sizzlet font dies!). I had started to do six animals in nine colors for each game - I'm making a set of 10 games to swap. I finally realized that I could just do three sets of animals in nine colors & still have it be a nice game AND be done cutting a lot sooner so I could do some actual scrapbooking - so that's what you are all getting! :-)

My sister & I (with all of our boys in tow) are heading south to tomorrow to our grandfather's house. He is 93 years old & is now in a nursing home - although still going strong. His across the street neighbors are having their house torn down & a new one built. They have asked to rent his house (they are good friend with him as well) so is one reason we're prompted to go down & do this. It should be interesting with all the boys running around too. I conned, um, convinced my sister to do the File Folder swap too (since two groups aren't filling very fast) so we plan to work on our games at night while we watch movies & the kids are sleeping! :-)

So I'm trying to get laundry done, packing done, & all the other things that need to be done so I can travel with my three kiddos and still remain sane. LOL Actually, it's not that bad. My sister has offered to take N as he is closest to her son's age. She also has those portable DVD players for the car so they will get to ride in style watching movies. I haven't told B this yet as he'll be disappointed to be stuck with me & listen to books & such on CD. I guess he'll live though.

I should have plenty of photos when I get back!

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  1. Your March Madness weekend sounds like so much fun!

    My dh bought a portable DVD player a few weeks ago. It's not just for the car, the kids like laying in bed, watching it. (Eyes rolling.) Dh really likes it.

    A few years ago, we looked at the car DVDs. We ended up buying a little tv/DVD player that would squish between the two front seats in my van. It has the headphone jacks and was $$$ cheaper than the "Car DVD" sets. AND I keep it in my kitchen the majority of the time.


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