Thursday, May 3, 2007

Still More Walking

May has arrived & much warmer temps as well. Today we decided to walk down what we call "The Camp Road" & check out the waterfall that was flowing rather well during the spring runoff & snow melt.

My mother sent over some very belated Christmas presents to the boys. She had been cleaning out her storage room & came across them. They each got another pair of mittens & sheriff badges. The badges go with the fabulous wooden rifles my dad made them all for Christmas. N decided that he needed to wear the badge & carry the gun today.

Half-way down the camp road is a nice-sized rock that I like to have the boys pose on. I took some group photos but also took some individual ones as well. Here they are:

Obviously the brook is not flowing quite as heavy as it was just a few short weeks ago.

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  1. Lisa, what a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of spring!


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