Thursday, April 26, 2007

Moxie Falls Hike

Somehow my sister & I came up with the bright idea to go hike in to Moxie Falls to get photos of the spring run-off. We were sure the photos would be worth it. We really didn't think it would be too bad. We'd been in there the previous fall. It's a pretty easy one mile hike. Nothing too strenuous & I was sure J could handle it.

The boys are standing on the patch. Good thing I thought to bring along snow boots. We certainly ended up needing them!

However, what we DIDN'T realize was there was still SNOW on the ground up there. A lot of snow - like two FEET of snow. Did we let that stop us? Um, nope! We headed in anyway. My boys & I actually got there first & started in. I quickly realized we might be in over our heads on this. I ended up starting to carry J - he's about 40 pounds. Thankfully my sister, her hubby & son caught up with us. My BIL ended up carrying J for most of the hike for me - phew! I would have never attempted it otherwise.

The hike in is only just over a mile (1.2 to be exact) & normally it's a very nice & easy hike. J would have no problem with it in the summer or fall. In fact, we DID do this hike last fall while my oldest brother & his family were visiting from California. However, with the snow, ice, & wet areas (think anywhere from 4 to 12 inches of water!!) that we had to go through, it took us about two hours to do the whole two miles with about 30 minutes of that actually AT the falls.

Overall, the photos were worth it - at least the digital ones I took. I have yet to develop my film ones. It takes me longer now to get film developed since I use my digital for most of my every day stuff. However, I like how my film camera (Cannon Rebel EOS SLR) allows me to get close. It just allows me to frame my shots so much better. My digital is basically a point & shoot which does well generally, but I'm not a 100% convert - yet.

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