Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Coast

This weekend I headed to the coast to participate once again in the Tour de Cure bike ride. It's a fundraising bike ride for the American Diabetes Association. This was my fifth year riding. I want to thank all my family & friends who helped sponsor me! Thanks!!! I raised a wonderful $320 towards a cure.

The first year we rode, we went to the ride hosted in Bar Harbor. Oh my! That is done on the Carriage Trails there & to say it is hilly would be a HUGE understatement! For the last four years we have done the ride on the coast. For two years it started in Biddeford, but for the last two it has started in Kennebunk. It's a great ride. There are not that many large hills, most are small (and if I can say that you know it's true!!!). There are three lengths to the rides - 25K, 50K, & 100K. Except for the first year when I rode the 25K, we have done the 50K which ends up being about 30 miles give or take 2-3 miles (or depending on which odometer you're using).

Due to the fact that the ride starts about 2 hours away from us, we go down the night before & grab a hotel to stay at. The one we chose this year was only a 1/2 mile walk from the beach. We checked in & headed out almost immediately. What a great walk. We spent an hour just walking along the beach.

I found a great sand dollar & some small shells that I snagged to bring home to the boys. It was a beautiful day & such a great change from all the rain we've been having lately.


  1. Glad you had fun! Hope next year is just as good!

  2. Good for you! Our oldest dd is participating in a fund raising bike ride in September which is 450miles long.. it takes several days!

  3. Great job, Lisa!

    I know you were a bit apprehensive this year, but you did it.


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