Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meet H

H & L are cousins. It's a long friend of a friend type of story as to how both girls came to be at my house.

First, meet H.

She has the biggest, darkest, brown eyes I have ever seen. I told her mom they are like chocolate and I love chocolate! ::wink::

H is 13 months old and L is 15 months. They get along pretty well for the most part. H is still crawling and boy is she FAST! She has a strong grip too which is proving good with L around. L wants anything H is holding. It's kind of funny to watch the little by-plays between the two of them. I've never had two so close in age before. My two oldest are 4-1/2 years apart and the two youngest are not quite 3 years apart. These two are mere months!

H loves books. I mean - LOVES -books. I've never had a little one like this sit so still while you read to her. She really likes these slide books I have. She will sit & slide them up & down for quite some time before moving on. This is actually a good thing since I have a limited amount of baby type toys. The books are keeping them both pretty occupied throughout the day. L has her favorites and H just tries to take whatever book L is holding at the time. LOL

Then we have my favorite time of the day - no matter whose children I am watching, including my own - nap time! H is a finger sucker & has to have her blankie, although her shirt will do in a pinch if she can't find her blankie. I found it pretty funnny that her blankie is a frog quilt. The backing material is the exact same material as the curtains in my bathroom - which has a frog theme - what else with three boys!

H has the best giggle I have ever heard in a baby and we love J's laugh a lot around here. She doesn't just laugh though, she has this deep throated giggle. During snack time the other day I was determined to try to snap her laughing on camera. I know, she's eating, I was careful - honest.
I know you can't hear it - but THIS is her laughing. It is just too funny. You can't help but laugh with her.


  1. "H" is very cute! Her eyes are so big and brown... :) Of course I couldn't hear her laugh, but if it is anything like I imagine in the picture, I bet it is just precious! :)

  2. I bet having raised boys your entire life you are enjoying having some little girl time. I know that there is such a difference between the girls and the boys at this age. Boys just want to rough and tumble, while the girls like playing house and such.

    Too bad about the pump situation I know you have been dealing with this longer than anyone should have to. Is there anyway your hubby can change insurance providers? It sounds like not only the health benefits are lacking but also their Dental program.


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