Friday, September 26, 2008

The 2x4 Has Hit Again

As I've mentioned before, I love using Google Reader to keep up with my blog reading. I have a ton now that I keep in there. Every time there is an update, it shows up like an e-mail. I love it. One blog that I enjoy reading is called Training Tons of Sons. She has five sons. Anyone who has more sons than I is a hero in my book. ;-)

This afternoon, while doing my blog reading, I was hit again by that proverbial 2x4 by God. Seriously. It hurt. But it certainly got my attention.

A few years ago I started to feel the conviction to wear skirts/dresses only. Many who have met me probably wouldn't think of me as a girly-girl. I don't even think of myself as a girly-girl! I'm a tomboy. Still am. I love to play sports. I still don't wear make-up on a daily basis. I rarely paint my nails. A bad hair day gets a bandanna thrown on top of it. I don't do dress-up. It's just not me.

My daily dress typically consists of jeans, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt if I'm cold. I wear crocs every day. In fact, last winter I only wore my boots about 2-3 days the whole winter and we had a TON of snow. If it was plowed, I wore my crocs. If it wasn't, I wore boots. I much prefer my crocs. I have a winter pair so that works great.
There are the same color as mine.

So anyway...while reading this afternoon I came across a challenge over at Tons of Sons to wear skirts/dresses for seven days straight. I continually feel a pull in my heart to do this. I do not have the power alone to manage it though. I always come up an excuse to's too cold, I don't look nice in dressed, I'm too overweight, etc. & so on.

However, I'm joining the challenge put out there to dress more femininely. My hubby loves to see me in dresses, but never gives me a hard time about my jeans. ::big grin:: To hear him tell it, he likes those just as much. ;-) But I notice a difference. I'm surrounded by little men daily. My boys notice when I wear a skirt. Seriously. At least one of them will comment on how nice I look when I put a skirt on. What could be sweeter than to hear my little four year old tell me that I look "really pretty" when I have on a dress. I notice a difference in how I act.

So starting tomorrow I am embarking on a seven day challenge to wear a skirt every day. I'll be sure to let you know the results and maybe even post a photo or two.


  1. Isn't it fun to have a blog challenge to motivate us toward something we'd already been thinking about doing! I don't even think I own 3 skirts or dresses (LOL).

  2. Hmm, the last time I wore a skirt was July of 2006. Good grief!

    It bothers me slightly when people seem to notice you more, or treat you differently if you are dressed more 'feminine'. But then again, I know what you mean by acting differently, because I know I 'carry' myself differently if I am wearing a dress, or even if I'm wearing dressy pants and am wearing jewlery, make-up, nails done, etc.

  3. :) You know I myself (owner of FF) am a tomboy... my sister would tell you that. I have never been a girly-girl and I hate pink! I also work on a farm and doing a lot of labor. I think a healthy knowledge of the Word and what is ladylike will help your opinion on the matter. lol

    I also don't mind wearing tennis shoes with my jean skirts. I used to think they looked ridiculous but they actually keep you looking feminine, but "tomboyish" - I like to call it being a real woman. lol

    :) Thank you for signing the Feelin' Feminine petition! Hope you will stop by often!



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