Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #11 - Field Trips

This week I’d like to invite you to share your favourite field-trip that you’ve been able to go on since you’ve started homeschool. I’d encourage you to include photos, but you don’t have to.

We love field trips. My boys love being able to take off from "formal" school for the day & go have fun. Some of our favorites have been....
Leonard's Mills which is a living history museum. One of the local homeschooling moms planned a trip for us there this past spring - just for homeschoolers. It was great to see lots of kids running around & trying out the games and other activities there. My boys loved it & it was fun as my sister & her son came as well as our other local friends & spent the day with us. The long drive there was worth it.

Another great living history museum that we went to in May of 2007 is called Willowbrook. This time I planned the trip & we had the entire place to ourselves. Each year they open up before their regular season to schools and homeschoolers. This was so much fun. They have lots of different buildings that you can tour. The children got to try out some games from the time period. These do tend to be our favorite trips.

We also had a lot of fun visiting the planetarium at college last December. Again, this was a trip set up just for us but we filled the little viewing room. The kids really had a great time though. It was neat to see all the different constellations & such. When B was younger - about six or seven - I had taken him to a planetarium and I think it helped grow a love for all things outer space. He still loves all that to this day.

We also really loving visiting the Maine Wildlife Park but it's about 2-1/2 hours or more south of where we live. We used to live only 20 minutes away from it & went often. Now we only go every other year or so. This particular time we met up with Deb from Following the Narrow Path who was here on vacation. All of our kiddos had a great time playing.

The Maine State Museum is probably one of our absolute favorites to go visit. They let all schools and homeschoolers in for free! I so love that. They change out their displays often. They host special events. For instance, last Wednesday was Earth Science Day. I don't typically go down to those as the day & times do not work for us. Although, if they do their model train display again this December, I will have to make an effort to go for my two youngest. I think that may be why they like this trip so much. The first thing you see when you walk in the door is a large green old steam engine. This is definitely a trip you can do again and again.

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  1. Great post! If we ever get to your neck of the woods, we'll be sure to visit some of those places!

  2. Great field trips! Thanks for sharing.

  3. I really need to do more things like this. Thanks for the post.

  4. Oh! the living history museum sounds wonderful! If I'm ever in Maine...sigh...

    Don't you wish you had a time machine sometimes? I would just love to step back and visit some times and places through history. I wouldn't want to live in any of them mind you, I'm too addicted to modern conveniences. But oh, to visit.

    It sound like your homeschool group comes up with some great outings!


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