Friday, October 24, 2008

How To Waste Time on the Computer....

While reading blogs this afternoon I saw a really fun diversion over at A Piece of Pax called Yearbook Yourself. This gave me quite a laugh this afternoon.
Here is the photo I started out with....(some photos wouldn't work because I have my glasses on but it was still fun - they just looked really funky).

And here we go.....
circa 1954 (if I remember right) - this is a bit freaky to look at....

circa 1960
This one is VERY freaky to look at. I really should find my mom's senior photo.....
circa 1970. LOL
And the best for last.....

circa 1990 -the year I really did graduate from high school
Trust senior photo looked VERY similar to this one - minus the glasses. ;-)
Have fun wasting some time!


  1. Very nice - I just so happen to have a copy of your High School Graduation pic and will send it to you separate. I also have some random picture of you in Mom's kitchen, when you were 16, and talk about BIG hair. Let's just say you and Marge Simpson had a lot in common. :-]

  2. That is funny! I will have to try that sometime soon. :)

  3. LOL! That looks like fun. At first I thought Chris dug out all those pictures >VBG>! Now I see it's a bloggy thing. I'm so slow sometimes.

  4. Soooo funny, though I'm not sure what happened to your chin in the 1950s!


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