Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Hubby's Fall Project

Just so my hubby doesn't get "the big head" from that last post...I thought I'd share this fall project with you all and WHY we had to do this fall project. ;-)

When we moved here about four years ago we just had the trailer. While it was 14x70 (which is a good size) & fit us well with three bedrooms & 1-1/2 baths, we still had a lot of stuff left over from when we lived in a 3500 square foot house which had been sitting in storage for quite some time. So basically we had a lot of "stuff" that need a place to stay while we figured out what we needed and what we didn't.

My hubby's aunt & uncle own a camp down the road on the lake with a garage. They let us use the garage for free to store all of our junk stuff. We did sort some before we moved & again after we renovated the trailer & moved in. But there was still a lot left.

A couple years ago my hubby decided to put an addition on our trailer for storage. That's what he said, "storage." So we could empty out that garage we'd been using for free. I should have known better. Our "storage" addition has a great wood stove in it that heats our trailer nicely. In fact, we haven't had to buy oil in two years & we still have about 1/2 a tank out there. Thank goodness!

However, once it was built here is how it really worked out....

  • three shelves are built that hold Christmas decorations & a few miscellaneous things
  • his homemade tool bench sits in front of said shelves
  • a large bench area is set up for his reloading supplies
  • his hunting/camping gear is stacked in totes

Hmmmm, now you may realize why I call this the "man cave" rather than the storage area. He still hasn't convinced me this wasn't his original intent. He even has his own little TV & DVD player out there.

Oh, photos, yes, I have photos. I will admit (and this may of course throw off the entire purpose of this blog) that my hubby knows how to build. Nothing has fallen down yet anyway. ;-)


  1. Very nice, he did a wonderful job! :) I hope that you get everything situated, before winter settles in. Think of the space you can have, you won't know what to do! :)

  2. Sound like a great project!

  3. YEA! Another project completed.


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