Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Homeschool Memoirs #14 - And the Winner is....

Well, the polls have been open to vote for your favourite homeschool sites of 2008 and many have already ready cast their votes. Not too much longer before they close in fact. I’ve already voted for mine, including my sister in Best Teen Gal category and my little sister in Best Blog Design. Haha, I’m a little biased on those two and well imho they’re the best! I even made an “I Voted” sticker to stick on my site so others would go vote as well.


This week I want to invite you to nominate your family to their correct categories as well has have others nominate them. While my two sisters are listed under Best Teen and Best Design, those definitely are NOT the best traits they have nor the funniest.

This is how you do it…. you post the category that best describes each of your family members and write something about why you nominated them in that category, and you’re welcome to post photos.
The Coolest Hubby Award
I've been married to this man for 15 years & he's still the coolest hubby in my book. My love for him grows stronger each year. He has to put up a lot with me. Trust me on this or just ask him. ;-) I've grown in to a better person because he's been beside me growing as well over the years. I'm truly blessed to be walking this life's road with such a godly man. (You can all say, "awww" now if you want. ::wink::)

The Fastest Growing Child Award

It still seems like yesterday that this child was a little bundle of red bawling baby in my arms. I remember the days of first parenting wondering if I was doing it right, worried I was doing it oh so wrong, and being amazed at the wonder of him on a daily basis. Now I look this child in the eye because he's so very tall these days! I suppose with a dad who is six feet even & his mom who barely tops 5'2" it's a good thing he got his dad's height. He's only 12 & he only has about two inches left to grow before he can claim to be taller than me. That's why he's smiling in this photo you realize right? I do try to remind him on a daily basis that I can still take him down if need be. I know all the right tickle spots of course. ;-)

The Most Inquisitive Child Award child wins this award hands down! On an almost constant basis it seems I'm peppered with "why" questions or "what are we doing" questions or "how come" questions. Here is a sample conversation that just occurred this very evening on the way home from our Bible study...

Mom: trying to sing to the radio
N: "What are we doing tomorrow during the day?"
Mom: "We have the babies so just school." back to singing...
N: "What about tomorrow afternoon?"
Mom: "Not much - just hanging out - maybe a bath."
N: "And tomorrow night?"
Mom: Awana - gave up on singing at this point
N: "What about Friday? Do you know what we're doing Friday?"
Mom: "N, I have no clue what we're doing Friday. Oh wait, yes I do."
N: "What??"
Mom: "Well, if I tell you now do you promise not to bug me about it?"
N: "I don't do that!" (which of course, he so does!)
Mom: "We're going on a field trip to the Children's museum."
N: "With babies?"
Mom: "Just Miss H."
N: "Who else is going??"

....this inquisition went on for about 15 minutes & covered all of Friday, Saturday AND Sunday. He's my constant "why" boy but I wouldn't have him any other way.

The Silliest Child Award

J is so the baby of the family. He will be silly to get attention. He will want to curl up in my lap (which isn't so easy anymore as he's getting so tall!). He has one of the best laughs I've ever heard in a child & believe me when I say we hear it often. In fact, we have been known to tickle him just to hear his laugh. We tell him if he didn't have such a great laugh, we wouldn't tickle him so much! He brings a lot of laughter & joy in to our family.

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  1. Oh, you had me rolling with the singins in the car conversation...because that is my life too! with all three of my kids...they say turn itup, and I start to sing then ask me a million questions! Loved it!

  2. Your children are so very cute They deserve all the awards and you deserve Best Photographs!!!!

  3. hubby here. I'm for hire, if you have money. :)

  4. To cute! Very nice awards, if I do say. :) The boys are getting big. I think they have grown alot since I saw them in September! Miss you guys!

  5. Very sweet. My 6 year old DD is the question box here. Sounds sooo familiar! Here's a funny -- from the few pics I've seen of you, I had the impression you were TALL. hehehe You and I are the same height! Too funny.


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