Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tot Time Fun

I'm been working on adding more things for J to do when we have school. I did a workshop last year for my mini-homeschooling conference about adding in games & fun during the day for your children. One thing I discussed were activity bags. I even made up samples & handed them out to everyone. Anyone attending my workshop walked out with two toddler activity bags, some game bags for older kids, some craft kits, plus a CD full of file folder games to print out & make.

One of the samples I had put together was called "Snip 'N Cut". It was part of a free sampler I had received through CurrClick I think. The items included in the bag were about a dozen one inch strips of construction paper, a pair of safety scissors, and a paper bowl. The child is to cut the strips of paper in to small bits making sure they land in the bowl.

J loved it. He is getting better & better with his cutting skills & really enjoys using his scissors. This was a fun activity for him. He did 2-3 strips before he was done.

I also had both girls today so I was switching them up with us. Miss L had some table time with us & she had fun playing with the Busy Bugs. I think the texture always throws her & she has fun putting them & taking them out of the nut can.

Something new that I added today was stickers.! It was a blast watching her with these. It took her about five minutes to figure out how to put them on the paper and they are teeny-tiny ones. I was working with the boys & could just hand her one. One side of the paper was practice (i.e. I helped place some) but after a few minutes, she had it down & put about a dozen on all by herself.

She also loves to color but will eat the crayons so twist-ups work great. I gave her a crayon & she had fun adding green to her sticker page.

In the afternoon, I was attempting to snap a photo of both girls together. For some reason, they love sitting on the dog bed. I have no idea why. They will plop right down & sit & play and if one girl is there - watch out - because the other will join her quickly. They are so very competitive!

I kept trying to snap the photo, but one of them would always get up & move. Finally, I plopped Miss L down & told her to "stay!" and snapped a quick photo but it really doesn't show how they usually do this. They literally almost sit on top of each other. In fact, Miss H was trying to sit on Miss L & I had to move her.

Then a few minutes later I look over and saw this....

She's sitting all nice & pretty for her picture. Say "cheese!"


  1. Oh my she is so cute! I love her pose! :) Looks like they are all having fun! :)

  2. I'm continually amazed at all you've been up to lately!


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