Monday, November 24, 2008

I'm Thankful For...

November 19th
~my doggie who loves me no matter what. ;-)

November 20th
~the great AWANA program at our church. The enthusiastic leaders who make it a fun time for the children.

November 21st
~Fun-filled field trips. (say that three times fast!) I try to plan 1-2 field trips a month for the boys & we had a great time today at the local Children's Museum. I'm so thankful that someone else did all the coordinating & a wonderful job at it as well!!!

November 22nd
~No real winter weather yet so I could get a day full of errands done without having to worry about winter driving yet.

November 23rd
~Fun friends who go see teeny-boppy movies with me. ;-) Yes, I'm admitting publicly that I went to see High School Musical 3 with another middle-aged soccer mom and we had FUN! Thanks, Amy!!

November 24th
~my family - all of them - who love & support me.


  1. I usually catch a moment here and there to read in google and have no time to comment - but wanted to say I like your new look...though the berries at the top make me crave a blueberry smoothie. LOL

  2. I've really enjoyed all of your thankfulness posts!


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