Monday, December 22, 2008

More Ornaments

We had a lot of fun participating in the kids ornament swap. The first three ornaments arrived last week. I posted about those HERE. Over the last few days, the rest of them have arrived. It's been fun opening up the packages to see all the unique items that are on our tree this year as a result of this swap. I apologize for the quality of the photos and for the fact that I didn't note where all these great ornaments came from! Sorry!!!

These two came together. They are little mini cookie cutters backed with pretty paper. They are very pretty on the tree.

This little tree arrived the same day as the one below. This one is made out of felt with button ornaments.

This is a very yummy smelling cinnamon ornament that was painted green & white. Very snowy looking & that's pretty appropriate around here these days.

Today's mail had this adorable owl in it made out of felt. It joined the rest of them on the tree to round out all the ornaments from the swap.

Thanks to everyone who participated with us! If you are here & seeing all these ornaments and you were one of the wonderful families who sent us one, please leave me a comment with a link to your blog & I will update it with that information. Thanks!


  1. We had a blast with the ornament swap too. The kids are already asking when we can send people more! We will diffidently be joining again next year.Very cute ornaments!

  2. Cute ornaments. I love that cinnamon one. I wish I had remembered about these. Those apple cinnamon ornaments last for years and smell soooo good.

    One of these years I'll have to do an ornament exchange.

  3. I have really enjoyed seeing all the ornaments from the kids exchange here on your blog. What a great idea.


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