Saturday, April 11, 2009


Every once in a while I hear about some little get together for the boys & make the decision to go. I always fear it will be packed & that there will be hundreds of kids running amok. I hate it when there are kids running amok. It makes me irritable. 

A few weeks ago on my Maine homeschooling yahoo group there was a short blurb posted about a "Lego-Mania" that was going to be happening. You had to call for details. I made note to call but thankfully my sister did. It was pretty simply. They were asking for food donations for a food bank as "admission" & if you had Legos you wanted to donate, that would be great too. I decided to take the boys & go & my sister came as well with her son.

I was sure it would be a full house so to speak. I was very wrong. There were about ten boys total ranging age from J who is five up to a few young teens. They had about six or seven tables set up with bins of Legos on them. Many of the boys had brought their own Legos to share & my guys promptly found a free table & dug in. I had actually made my boys donate a snack size baggie full of Legos each. We were the only ones I think.

This event was put together by a young boy about B's age. Not all who were there were homeschoolers. I'm not sure if any were actually. All I know is that my boys thought it a fabulous Saturday morning activity. They spent two hours creating with Legos & then it ended with a "make-your-own-sundae." 

A reporter from the local paper even came out & spent about a half hour taking photos & talking to mostly the older boys who were there. B even ended up with his photo in the paper. He thought that was pretty cool & so did we.

N working on getting his creation just right.

J was a bit young for this but he did great. He finally did some creating near the end of the morning & came up with this "plane." Typically his brothers make him some creation to play with when they are home but they were both far too busy to do so today.

B's final creation

N's final creation

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  1. This is too funny but I heard about this event on the radio! I listened carefully for details, we were in the car, planned to go and then realised it was in Maine not NH. Plus I thought it would be mobbed so decided not to make the long drive. LOL we might have met unexpectedly!!!!


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