Friday, July 31, 2009

Last Day of Swim Lessons

Did I mention I'm a tad behind in my blogging? This will become obvious when I tell you that the last day of swim lessons was back on July 17th.

It has been a very wet & cold summer thus far here in Maine. The two younger boys were enrolled in the rec departments swim lessons at the local lake & they are held rain or shine. Unfortunately it was more rain than shine this year. I think the average high for those two weeks was about 60 degrees. I kid you not.

However, the last day was beautiful. It was warm & sunny & it was "Fun Day!" The kids in the program work hard for those two weeks so they can play in the water & get out in the canoes and kayaks which is exactly what my boys wanted to do.

N & J heading out to the "waffle" float in the canoe. J even "jumped" off (with some help).

N & J heading back in.

They boys did take some time to get in the water and play a bit but it wasn't long before they were out asking to take a turn in the kayaks. They had two for the kids to try out. And before anyone worries - they only went about 10 yards from shore before another instructor would turn them & head them back in. But my boys loved it.

N is showing off his skills.

Even little J had a go at it.
He looked so small, but he did some paddling as he went out & back all by himself!

The boys have made some progress in the last three years (N has been in it for three years but this is J's first). However, they are still in the beginners swim class & have been blessed to have the same instructor for all three years. One of the instructors is the lady in the canoe with them at the top. She's been excellent with them. The other is a high school student who is also very, very good with them. They do such a great job helping them overcome any fears of the water.
(and I have just realized I never blogged about another sunny swim day in which J went under water for the first time....sorry in advance for these out of order posts!)

There is really no better way to end the year than by playing in the kayaks/canoes and in the water than by adding ice-cream to the mix. Notice all the drips on J's chest? Not a problem - he still had 15 more minutes to play in the water before we went home.


  1. FUN! But, I still can't get over how a few of you have swim lessons in the lake. No such thing here.

  2. Great photos. I can just imagine the atmosphere and the feel of the water!


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