Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Mr. H

Have I introduced you to Mr. H yet? He's the baby brother of Miss H. I'm watching the two of them once a week throughout the summer so their mom can work on her writing. It's a real hardship for me let me tell you. After all, I have to stare at this most of the day....

Seriously. It can be a real trial to watch this....

Mr. H is an awesome baby. Once he gets that thumb going he's out like a light & sleeps most of the day away. Such a rough life. In fact, this afternoon after he fell asleep in my lap, I laid him on a blanket pallet on the floor.

How stinking cute is that!?!?!

Then I played with the photo in Picnik....I think I'm in love.

If you'd like to see how I changed the photo using Picnik, click HERE for the tutorial I followed. It's super easy.


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