Monday, October 5, 2009

Got to Love Free

Can you see that up there? It's an Amazon order I just placed. That total was $30.70 for four Alfred piano course books - three for the boys & one for me. Did you notice I also got free shipping since it was over $25 & all directly from Amazon? But did you notice how much I paid? Did you?? A big fat ZERO is there! Why?? Well, check out that last big number? Can you read what it says next to it? Can you see it? It says "Gift certificate/card." That's right, I got four piano books from Amazon for nothing. No shipping. No nothing.

You may be wondering - how on earth did she pull that off? Well, let me share.

Search & Win

One site that my friend, Suzanne, shared with me a while back is called Swag Bucks (thanks Suzanne!). If you use their search engine (powered by Google &, they randomly give you "swag bucks" - anywhere from 1-5. You can also earn by shopping through them and even doing trade-ins on old cell phones or video consoles and games. I tend to only use their search engine but since I became a member back in June, I have earned about one $5 Amazon gift card a month. Although in August & September I must have been doing more searches than normal since I earned two each of those months. It takes 45 swag bucks for one $5 Amazon card. There are lots more things you can trade in for as well, but that's what I like to get so I can buy want I want over at Amazon. This is free money. I just do my searches like I always do - just through Swag Bucks. If you click on the banner above to join, I'll get some extra bucks. It's really & truly that easy.

Another way I earn some easy & free money on the web is by using another site called My Points. My Points works in a similar manner to Swag Bucks except they send me emails. I get anywhere from 5-10 daily emails from then. But all I do is click through - that's it. It pops up a new window - I let it load & then close it. I get 5 points every time I do that. It doesn't sound like a lot does it, but I just received a $50 gift certificate from them to Amazon. That is not a typo....$50 in free money to Amazon. I have bought an external CD-ROM drive I needed plus the four piano books above - ALL for free. And I still have a credit with Amazon plus some unredeemed gift cards at Swag Bucks.

My Points allows me to refer friends for points. If you think you might be interested, just let me know & I'll send you an e-mail. You can also earn extra points by shopping through My Points. I have done that more often with them as I tend to remember more often, but it's really & truly that easy.

I also do some survey company's but those are a bit more time consuming (no less fun for me but more time consuming). My Points & Swag Bucks are by far the easiest way to earn free money. So go have fun & earn some free money today!


  1. I wasn't having very good luck with Swag bucks... I just could never find the hidden ones and such everyone talked about, and my searches never gave me any... so I gave up. However, I just started using My points..we will see how that goes...

  2. Woooooo HOOOO, Lisa! FREE ROCKS!
    I collected over $160 in SwagBucks in 3 months. Most I used for gifts and some I am saving for school books.

  3. Love, love SwagBucks! I could never really get MyPoints to work. ;(

    Great deals!

  4. Cool beans! I really like both these programs as well. :)

  5. Nope, not even in a few years.....

  6. I'll be sure to give this a try. Thanks for sharing! Do send me an email for the my points one and I'll click through the other.



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