Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Busy Week

This week is proving to be very busy & somewhat overwhelming. However, things keep happening to lessen my load. Thanks, God. Seriously. Otherwise I'd be too stressed to even be typing tonight - before 11pm no less.

  1. N8 was suppose to be at the dentist at 8am this morning. I'm really not sure what I was thinking making the appointment for that time of day. We live a solid 30 minute drive away. Then yesterday they called to see if we could come in later. Oh yeah! That opened up my morning very well.
  2. I didn't clean Grandma's house this weekend so I had planned to go directly there after the dentist appointment. However, they are having a new bed delivered on Wednesday so she needed the time today to organize her bedroom. So she asked me to come later in the week instead. This gave me almost a whole day home when I thought I'd only have the afternoon.
  3. Having almost the whole day home allowed me to finally get caught up on laundry - for now anyway.
  4. It also allowed me to help our neighbor (with B13's help too) transfer all her video files from her new Flip Video camera into one movie. That was fun.
I still have the following on my schedule for the rest of the week:
  1. Tomorrow I'm suppose to be heading back in to town for Worship Team practice and then grocery shopping. But it started snowing yesterday & hasn't stopped for very long. I guess we'll see if hubby leaves me the truck or not.
  2. Thursday I'm planning to go to my Dad's in the afternoon and then off to AWANA on Thursday night. 
  3. N8 is heading out to a play date on Friday morning. My plan for that morning is to have J6 play on the Wii (which he'll LOVE) & I'm going to go clean out and organize their room. Devious I know. 
  4. Friday night means Bible study which is fun but a crazy & late night.
  5. Saturday we have the chance to go listen to the "Dino Pastor." We saw him a couple years ago at a homeschool event & yet again at our homeschool convention last year. He is very knowledgeable about creation and does really well getting the information down to a level kids can understand (and parents too!)
Yeah - this week is a bit crazy. But it will all work out as it usually does.

And one last thing...I've mentioned on here about the on-line Bible study I'm doing using a book by Elizabeth Prentiss called Stepping Heavenward. The woman who is running this is now taking sign-ups for another 90 day round. I plan on going through the study again. The accountability is fantastic & it's a great way to get in the habit of a daily Bible study. If you are interested, head over to Mrs. White's blog, The Legacy of Home, to sign up.

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