Monday, January 11, 2010

My Daybook

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FOR TODAY... Monday, January 11, 2010

Outside my window...dusk is slowly falling, but I notice that it's coming later and later in the day. Yeah! Of course, winter in Maine will still be here until at least March if not April and occasionally even into May, but let's not think about that right now.

I am thinking...I'm being silly. I'm missing a phone number. MY phone number. The one I used to always call home on. The one I had for 30+ years that meant "home." The one my folks had for 40+ years. My Dad just let the landline go to his house. He's strictly using his cell phone now to help save money. I understand that, but I'll certainly miss dialing 876-3779 after so long. And it's one more link severed...

I am thankful wonderful & creative hubby who has spent oodles of time and energy designing the tempering tank. It's all hooked up! Poor man paid for it with a nasty headache on Sunday  morning though due to all the muscle tension in his shoulders. It's up & running but the water pressure is spiking from time to time. We're leaving the hot water dripping in our bathroom to help get the air out of the system. Hopefully that fixes the problem. Praying we don't burst the 30 year old underground water line in the middle of winter....

From the learning rooms...we had a great day today. It went well. I even had a chance to do some one-on-one with J5 & I made it fun. I hope. We did "M&M math." He sorted by color, he counted, we made a graph of it all, we talked about it all, and then he ate them all. I wish I had that kind of math when I was five. The older boys even did well & accomplished everything I had set out to do today.

From the kitchen...good question.....

I am wearing...socks, winter crocs, comfy jeans, hubby's t-shirt, & my new favorite sweatshirt.

I am mom - as always.

I am creating...need to finish up editing some baby photos I took just before Christmas - only a few left. Then I need to start editing the ones I took of an adorable three month old Friday. I'm enjoying playing with photos again. I have a couple other shoots lining up as well.

I am pull it together! Honest! Really need to fine tune and tweak schedules. Now that I don't have to be up in the morning, I'm tending to stay up too late & sleep too late. It's hard being a night owl in a houseful of morning birds.

I am currently reading...let's's a long list...who do i talk to? by Neta Jackson (A yada yada house of hope novel). It's excellent. I blew through book #1. I loved the Yada Yada books too & these are just like them & has the same cast of characters popping in from time to time. The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling by Debra Bell - need to review it for the TOS Homeschool Crew. Stepping Heavenward for my on-line Bible study. And I am taking part in the "Read Your Bible in 90 Days" challenge - struggling to finish up Leviticus & tackle Numbers.

I am get to Shaw's this week to take advantage of the deals they are having. I just wish there was one closer than an hour away.

I am hearing...the dryer tumbling, the boys chatting - okay yelling while they take turns playing on the Wii Fit. B13 is playing Maria & Sonic at the (Summer) Olympic Games.

Around the house...lots of clutter still to tackle. Getting there....slowly....

One of my favorite things...curling up on the couch on a cold winter morning, tucked under some blankets, and reading a good book.

From my picture journal...

all the plumbing hubby worked on this weekend - this is the electric hot water tank

these are the lovely red water pipes that now run down my hallway - it was easier than trying to hide them

the new water tank & all it's plumbing

my pipes that lead to & from the coil on the stove
So far it's all working pretty well.


  1. Aren't you thankful for a husband to do all those things around the house that breaks? I love reading when it's cold out. I love snow. I hope you have a great week. Doylene

  2. Did you put in an On-demand hot water tank??
    Glad to hear everything is coming along great. I'll absolutely come to you if I have any questions!

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed your post and can't wait till Saturday!...Tammy

  4. Cool set up for the water. Sorry Bob got a headache from the job.

    I can't imagine not having my folks phone number, it has always been the same for as long as I can remember...I guess when they moved to the house in 1964. They use their cell phones for long distance, but kept their landline for local calls.

  5. That is a lot of work! What would we do without the hubbies?! :)

    Bible in 90 days is a toughy. I creep through mine. I probably read through the whole every few years, although I usually skip Genesis and Exodus... my son has studied this over the past few years(Rod & Staff Bible curriculum), so we get good coverage. Rod & Staff has done a lot of Old Testament study so far, and he been working these books K-6.

    I just finished up the Gospel of John last night, and I'm beginning Acts. I love the Gospel of John. :) I'm rambling...prayers for that your husband's work will hold through the colder months. We had a busted water line to the street - not fun, but ours was just really old.

  6. WOW! Still impressed with that water project!


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