Monday, February 8, 2010


As of Saturday I had consistently blogged something every day since January 1st. Then I started slacking. Not only here but on my P365 blog as well. Nothing has been posted there since January 30th. It's suppose to be a photo a day. I've taken zilch since January 30th! Yup, I'm slacking.

All this to say...I'm catching up here today. This is for those of you who follow me or have me in a reader somewhere. There may be up to five new posts today. We'll see how tired my fingers get. The rest will follow tomorrow.

Off to catch up & perhaps even take a photo or two....

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  1. Love it - Lisa I was sure it was your blog that reviewed a site where you could find free audio downloads and such. Do you have a clue what I mean? It was written by a homeschool Mom - her name is right out of reach...I think she was on SHS for a bit of time - may still be - Molly? Everst? Everett????? Do you have any idea what I'm trying to find?


Oh thank goodness! I'm not here all alone. Thanks for leaving me a comment. It helps that I'm not always talking to myself. Right? Hello?