Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Loopie Friends

The boys and I recently spent a weekend in Massachusetts. The catalyst for the adventure was the opportunity to meet up with some "loopie" friends. That is - people I have never met in person but only know via an on-line Yahoo groups. Kind of cool huh? Unless you are in law enforcement. Then you probably think I'm crazy.

Cynthia is the one who started it all happening. She causally mentioned a couple months ago that her family would be heading out to the east coast for a family vacation. They live out west. Cynthia started the Yahoo Group I belong to and I knew this would be neat opportunity to meet in person - so I asked her what she thought. She jumped at it and soon there were a handful of families who wanted to try to put something together.

This past Friday it all come together.

The day started out in an interesting manner. I was staying north of Boston with a friend. She was also going in to Boston on Friday for a field trip with her homeschool group and was meeting them at the T-station. I told her she could not leave me alone until I was heading in the right direction with the boys. I knew I would have to transfer trains and I was a bit apprehensive about the whole thing.

I had just bought my T-tickets when I heard someone say, "Lisa?" I turned and looked at a lady I had never ever seen before in my life. She promptly said, "It's Renee!" Renee is one of the loopie friends I was heading to meet! I didn't realize she lived very close to my friend. At the last minute she decided to take the T rather than drive in to Boston and we managed to run in to each other right there at the T-station. I told my friend she was off the hook & Renee and I and our kiddos all got to enjoy (can one enjoy a T-ride???) the ride to Boston getting to know each other.

Once there we made our way to the Museum of Science and the rest of the ladies started arriving. It was a lot of fun to finally see real live people rather than photos on blogs or hearing a "voice" via e-mail. My only wish was to have more "mom-time" to talk. It was hard with all the kiddos in tow to get a chance to really talk with the other moms. I managed to sneak in some time but not near as much as I had hoped.

Oh, I suppose you'd all like to see some photos right? They aren't the best but they are the only ones I have.

Left to right...Laura from CT, Jeannine from NH, Jodi from NH, moi, Deb from NNY, Renee from MA, and Cynthia from Montana

This photo was taken as Christy had already gone in to the museum when we did the one above.
Left to right...Deb from NNY, Cynthia from Montana, Laura from CT, moi, and Christy from ME

I have photos of my boys at the Museum of Science playing and also at the Higgins Armory Museum that we visited on Saturday over at my "homeschool log" blog.


  1. Nice post, Lisa. It was sure great meeting everyone!

  2. Loved the post, loved seeing the pics (even though I saw them a few days ago on FB!)! How fun to meet Renee ahead of time unexpectedly!

  3. Oh I sure wish I could have been there! It looks like so much fun!

  4. Great post, Lisa! Meeting you all was a highlight of my winter, for sure!

  5. How cool that you met Rene on the way and didn't have to worry so much about the travel.

    It was a fun time. Going over to see your Museum and armory photos. We've not been to the Higgins armory yet but it has been in the back of my mind for a time.

  6. What fun that you met up with Rene on the train and she KNEW you. LOL


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