Sunday, October 3, 2010

In God We Trust

I just watched this video for the first time tonight - okay - I watched it twice. I love the song and the lyrics. Obviously some people in this country need to be reminded about the fact that our country was founded on Christian values and the belief in God. Our forefathers wanted to remind everyone of this so had it printed everywhere - including our money.

Just this weekend I received a dollar bill back in change at a convenience store. I still haven't decided if I'll burn it or get rid of it or what I'll do with it. And no, I don't have so much money that I routinely burn it, but this one is really annoying.

There were words written on it and when I first glanced it I assumed it was a "Where's George?" thing. Then I looked closer. In green ink on the front under "The United State of America" is penned "In Us We Trust." Seriously? Do you really trust yourself enough to write that? I certainly don't!

On the back it continues with "America - One Nation Under Our Secular Constitution." Um, apparently they have never read the Constitution since it is in no way shape or form secular in its wording. 

The word "God" is crossed out of the "In God We Trust"  phrase on the back and "Us" is penned with these words "as in we the people..." People have not shown themselves to be trustworthy - at all - ever! I fully rely and trust in God, my Father to get me through. There's no other way I'd be able to make it.

To top it off they had to add "separate church from state." No where does it state this in the constitution or amendments or any other legal document in our country. If you can find it, let me know. It does, however, appear in some letters penned by Thomas Jefferson. I really wish he had never written that phrase.

And of course, this is at the bottom...."...with liberty, justice and equality for all." 

I'm all for liberty and justice and laid out by God - the creator of ALL things. He has the big picture in front of him. One we can never fully understand. I trust him to care for me and keep me safe. And he does. Each and every single day.

Sorry for the vent and the rambling, but sometimes I get a bit ruffled around the collar and need to vent. I love my country. I love what it stands for. I love what it was founded on. And I truly love God and trust in HIM to fully lead me.


  1. That burns my cookies too....

    Part of me hopes you will keep the dollar bill. It is a great example of people who believe their opinions are the only ones that count. People who feel the whole of government should change to meet their Godless world view. Even to the point they are willing to desecrate something.

    It is a great teaching tool. One you can use to refute the comments made on the bill with actual fact from history and the documents that have survived to tell the story.

    ...... sigh........ now I am all fired up with

  2. Wow! Sad....but a great thing to save and use in talks and such....great illustration of where we are as a country.


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