Saturday, October 2, 2010

Just Wanted To Share

I blog - a lot - I really do, but here's a secret...I have five blogs. Yeah, I know it's pretty sad. This is my longest running one right here - The Berry Patch.

Then I have My Life in Pictures. That's my often neglected photo blog. The point of it is to post a photo every day - a 365 Day photo challenge. Sad to say I'm not so good at keeping it up. In fact, the last time I posted was September 1st. Oops - off to update for the last month soon!

I also have a private blog which I don't plan to share at this point and even if I did share the title, you couldn't even see it. I consider it my personal on-line weight loss journal. Maybe some day. We'll see.

I then have another photography blog but this one is for my "business." I say it like that since I no longer run it as such. After much thought and deliberation I decided I didn't like taking photos for money. I like knowing I'm helping people out by taking "professional" photos for them, but not having the stress of being fantastic and wonderful and great. No thanks! Oh, you want to see it? Okay, it's called Lisa-Anne Berry, Photographer. That was the name of my "business" eons ago. In fact, it's been almost a year since I posted anything there. If you are local though and want some photos done, let me know. I'd be happy to help you out - for free. Imagine!

And lastly the other blog I post at frequently - well, not as frequently as I should - but by the end of the school year there will be 175 posts on there. ;-) Yup, last year I started posting our daily homeschool doings on a blog. It's pretty much my "blog log" of what we do each day. I label the posts by day done and the number still to go (our state requires 175 days). This allows me to add photos and links as well. Since it seems I've been neglecting this blog for a bit, I thought I'd share the links to my homeschool blog so you can see why I've been so busy!

So if it seems quiet over here, you can check out the blogs listed above. In fact, if you look to the left sidebar, it's set to update there when I update over there. If that makes sense....


  1. Wow - you're a busy girl!

  2. wow! And i thought I was a blog freak with 2
    Can't wait to go check out your other blogs!

  3. I can barely keep up with one blog (LOL)...but I have LOTS of categories if that counts for anything :)


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