Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What I Love About Autumn

Top Ten {Tuesday}

Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love it all, but here are my top ten reasons…..
{One} The colors. Oh my. It is simply gorgeous out there!


{Two} The cooler weather. I’m not a hot weather gal nor a cold weather gal. Kind of like Goldilocks…I like it “just right.”  For me that is in the high 60s to low 70s with no humidity and sunny days. The weather during these fall days is what gets me through the cold New England winters.

{Three} Wood fires. Ahhhh….while it’s getting colder it’s sometimes hard to know when we should start a fire or not. If the day warms up too much after a cold start, then the wood fire really heats up the house. However, there is absolutely nothing better than a hot wood fire on a cold fall day.


{Four} Going for walks with the boys. Autumn means cooler weather to walk in and (drum roll please!) no bugs! Well, virtually no bugs. It makes walking outside so much more fun.


{Five}  Did I mention the color? So, so, so pretty……


{Six} Landscape scenes like this one below – in abundance. “Leaf peeping” is out in full force and I like nothing better than to take a turn myself.


{Seven} Photo opportunities that abound everywhere. I tend to carry my camera with me even more in the autumn. You never know when you’ll see something interesting and colorful that truly captures the essence of the season.


{Eight} Knowing there will be a slowing of my schedule. Once snow comes it’s harder to plan much in advance. While I enjoy the busyness (mostly) of our schedule, I like knowing that things will soon settle in for winter.

{Nine} Leaves. I love the crunching noise they make when you walk in them. I love the fun kids have playing in them. The only thing I don’t love is raking them, but I don’t do that until the spring.

blog1 This is a photo of Miss H from last fall.

{Ten} Watching my dog. She definitely has some little quirks, but they really make life fun here. She spends the majority of her autumn days outside chasing blowing leaves. Well, to be more accurate, she is really chasing the shadows of the blowing leaves. She also is fond of chasing the shadows of butterflies and birds flying as well as flashlight beams.  Lasers just about put her over the top.


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  1. I've never lived in a spot with a really colorful autumn. Or much more than lots of rain.....but I hear that we will have great color here shortly. We drove the gorge Monday and it was just starting to change...nothing like the colors you show....but maybe in a week or two. We'll try again.

  2. Hi there, I am a new follower! I found you over at 5 Kids and a Dog! I love your blog and your pictures. We are FALL people also. Living in southern NY we see God's work for months with the changing leaves and Fall fun! Hop on over when you get a chance! melis http://just-starting-out.blogspot.com

  3. Yeah, but it's hunting season. Argh... love the pictures though. ;)


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