Wednesday, November 10, 2010

In which I meet my hubby....

This is week five of "My Young Adult Years" 
hosted at Mommy's Piggy Tales
(I neglected to post week four last week. )

I have been chronicling my young adult years now for a few weeks. If you'd like to catch up, check out my "Recording My Youth" page and scroll to the bottom. 

I had started college, broke up with a boyfriend, worked a full-time mill job, and went back to college.  Okay, so now you are caught up....

When I went back to college I knew one thing. I wanted to get my degree and begin working in my field. This was one of the major deciding factors as to why I choose a two year degree. All of my classes were mostly related to my major of Health Information Technology (HIT) since all of my other credits had transferred. Those were mostly core classes. I had no say in when my new classes would happen. While I worked very hard my freshman year of college to not have any morning classes, I wasn't so lucky this time around. The schedule was set. Most of my days began at 8am. Even then I was not much of a morning person.

However, those first few weeks of school were really rough. I was still living at home in order to save on expenses. This meant commuting an hour each way to school. I also was working a part-time job at a local gas station/convenience store. I knew that keeping up this schedule and putting 500+ miles on my little car each week would not last - especially once winter weather set in.

I knew that the only way I would be able to move closer to school would be to find affordable housing and a job.

I was doubly motivated. Just after school started I went to spend the night at a friend's.  We had gone to high school together as well as our freshman year of college. In fact, we roomed together during the second semester of college and became really good friends. She had transferred to the school I was now attended and was renting a house with her fiancée and three other house-mates. 

She also was going to Campus Crusade for Christ so she invited me to stay over one night so I could go and meet some other people. I readily agreed. 

She also had an ulterior motive. She wanted me to meet one of her house-mates.  She thought we were "perfect for each other." Turns out - she was right! I remember thinking he was pretty cute (still is 17 years later too!). 

Shortly after this night I was at school one day. Another girl and I headed over to the local McDonald's on our lunch break. While I was officially part of the University of Maine in Orono all my classes were held at University College (yes, I know it's a silly name but there you have it) which was located in Bangor near the airport.

While we were eating I noticed that McD's was hiring. On a whim I inquired at the front about work. A manager came out and interviewed me on the spot with my friend sitting right there. Then she proceeded to hire me on the spot. Because I wanted to move closer I took the job - something I would come to regret. 

Within a week I had moved to Orono and began dating my future hubby.


  1. Living at home and commuting so far sounds really hard! What great luck that you knew someone else that went to the same school. I'm so glad your friend was right about one of her housemates! She must have known both of you pretty well to be such a good matchmaker. I'm looking forward to reading more next week!

  2. AWESOME that you're getting these stories down on paper :)


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