Saturday, November 27, 2010

What An Impact

Recently I posted about an upcoming movie that will be shown on NBC on December 3rd at 8pm ET - A Walk In My Shoes. This is a joint effort by Wal-Mart and P&G to offer up family friendly movies. Movies that the whole family can enjoy and learn from.

I was also given the opportunity to catch a sneak peak of the Producer's Cut of the film and watched it just a few days ago.

In a word.....Wow.

I watched this with my 14 year old son. We discussed

The story premise isn't new (think "Freaky Friday") but done extremely well and so much better. A harried and selfish high school English teacher who apparently has no worries in the world magically trades places with a widowed mom of two boys about to loose their home. The movie challenges you to see beyond yourself. I think it handled that aspect extremely well.

I don't want to discuss the plot too much as I think everyone should watch it on December 3rd. Make sure you have a tissue or two handy though!

Take a peak at the movie trailer and plan to see what I'm talking about on Friday, December 3, 2010 at 8pm ET on NBC.

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for my review of this movie. 

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  1. Thanks...I'll look out for this. Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving.


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