Saturday, September 10, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - a normal week

It's been a while since I've been able to post about our homeschool week. We just finished our third week of school. It feels good to be this far ahead. I'm still trying to get my feet under me for this year, but so far things seem to be going well. I'm glad.

Nothing really stands out about our week. We took Monday off. It was nice to have my hubby home. We all just sort of hung out and enjoyed being together. The remnants of Tropical Storm Lee were sweeping through so we had a lot of rain. Not a lot of motivation for heading out doors.

Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday were regular school days at home. The boys seem to be doing well with their new schedule and I continue to use our "checklist" for their "independent work." It's working so I'm not planning to change anything.

Thursday found us at church for our weekly science co-op. So far this is going far better than I had feared - if that makes any sense. I'm a big gun-shy about co-ops. If you are invovled with one, please don't take offense with what I'm about to say.....I don't always see the point. If we are homeschooling than shouldn't we be home rather than at a co-op learning? If we don't want our children unduly influenced by other teachers, why would we have most of their learning come from a co-op where other teachers teach them?

And perhaps it's confusing to me since we simply haven't hit on a great co-op model here in Maine. I live in such a rural area that it's just plain hard to plan to drive 30 minutes plus each week to learn together when we could spend that time learning at home.

Anyway......stepping off my soapbox......

We did a really cool model of the solar system outside with the younger kids. I shared all about it on my school blog. I'm really liking Considering God's Creation. Not only are the kids learning a lot, but so am I.

Check out what others did this week over at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.

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  1. It's GREAT to see a wrap-up from you! Glad to hear your year is going well thus far.

    As for co-ops, I have used them in the past just as a supplement - a one day experience for the kids to have OTHER teachers that I knew and to learn things I wouldn't normally teach. It didn't work out...and we have opted not to participate in the new one forming in Portland (as it's just too much driving with everything else). We're also not taking many classes outside of home because we're not sure the PRICE is worth it. Most don't even come with a book to have later!


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