Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday Hodge-Podge


1. Of all the tools and gadgets you own which do you most enjoy using? My computer. It is my lifeline. It's where I get a lot of my information that I use to homeschool my children. I really don't want to try living without it. Yes, it would be doable, but I wouldn't want to try.

2. When (if ever) is impatience a virtue? Anyone who knows me might say every day. I struggle with patience on a daily basis. That might mean I think it's a virtue every day. The only time I think it might be is when a life is on the line. Not necessarily a daily basis at the Berry Patch. 

3. What temperature do you keep your thermostat set to in winter? Do you have another way to heat your house besides a furnace of some type? Our thermostat is set very low. We use our oil furnace as a back-up only. We heat with a wood stove and so our heat varies. Some days it's too hot. Some days it's too cold. And occasionally we get it just right. 

4. Do/did you have a close relationship with any of your grandparents? I had a very close relationship with my maternal grandparents. I used to spend summers with them. My dad's father died before I was born. I was never very close to his mother either but I had a good relationship with her. However, my maternal grandparents were very special to me and I miss them very much. My grandmother passed away 12 years ago and my grandfather two years ago (five months after my mom).  I miss them all very much.

5. When did you last have a family portrait taken? Just this past spring by my sister. The boys & I were at our piano recital and all dressed up for that. My hubby showed up directly from work so was still dressed up. I took advantage of the opportunity and had her snap some quick pictures. Prior to that it had been four years since we had a photo done and I took it of us on our porch using the timer on the camera. 

6. What does the word patriotism mean to you? Loyalty to your country. Showing pride in what you come from.

7. Do you like to play cards and if so, what's your favorite card game? I don't mind, but it's not my favorite game to play. It really depends on the company for me. I do enjoy playing games but board games are my favorite.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  We just had daylight savings time here. I'm not all that thrilled with the shorter days. It's now getting dark closer to 5pm and that will slowly become 4pm. It becomes very hard on me. I can't wait for the winter solstice so we begin gaining time back. 

And just's a photo I was able to take of the moon tonight...


  1. Great photo! (Been good viewing out there. We looked at Jupiter and 3 of its moons last night.)

    Thermastat is set at 62 degrees downstairs and 60 upstairs. It's a little chilly for most people, but we just wear a sweatshirt or something and it's OK.

  2. I've always wondered about a wood does seem like it would be hard to regulate.

    Gorgeous photo!


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