Friday, June 8, 2012

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life rearranged

Apparently I was so busy this week that I only snapped two photos with my cell phone. Yeah. It's been like that lately.

On Sunday, in driving rain conditions, my 11 year-old son & I biked in the Tour de Cure bike ride. Ironically enough, I was pregnant with this kiddo when I was first told I was a diabetic. It was when he was just four months old that I found out I was a Type 1 - at age 28. Yes, it's considered "juvenile type" diabetes, but I was long past the juvenile stage. It does mean my body doesn't make insulin and I do wear an insulin pump 24/7. But it's purple so that makes up for some of it. And I don't have to give myself 4-5 shots a day so that is awesome!

Anyway back to the ride....saying it was raining would be like saying an earthquake was just "shaking" a tad. It was pouring. Blinding rain at some points. It was was so hard to see at times. My glasses were fogging up so I rode without them. It's okay, I'm not completely blind without them.

My MIL also rode with us. The two of us have done this ride now about 7-8 times. We forget how many. I do know that we've only had sun 2-3 times!! It seems to always be raining! We started out riding the 25K, then moved up to the 50K, and now back down to the 25K. As my boy gets older, we'll probably bump it back up.

But we managed to complete our 25K (aka 15 miles). The kiddo & I were soaked through but I had at least thought ahead to bring a change of clothes and shoes for both of us which was a good thing as we both really needed them!

This shows my grocery shopping for the week. Actually, half my shopping as I had picked up some things earlier in the week. I had two paper bags and two packages of meat underneath that you can't see in the photo. What is sad about the whole was $70 worth of food and I could have carried it all myself. I really dislike the rising food costs!

That's just a small glimpse of my week. Tomorrow my boys are participating in an Educational Fair.  Our 4H club is hosting it for area homeschoolers. Phew! It's been a lot of work and I will be very happy when it's done, but I know everyone will have a great time.

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  1. Wow, that's awesome! I don't think I could pull that off. I'm getting a CPAP device this week for my sleep apnea, so I'm hoping I'll get my energy back so I can try things like this!


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