Friday, August 22, 2014

Beautification in Progress

I have a professed black thumb. I confess that it's typically neglect that kills the poor things. However, I'm excellent at growing weeds! Here's photographic proof!

One of my poor sedum bushes in the midst of all this. 

Our house has wonderful flower beds. They run the length of the whole house and even wrap around the side and go down this small hill. 

This photo was taken before we even bought the house and moved in. See the rock wall running the length of the house and wrapping around? That is the scope of what I'm talking about. 

Well, the weeds are certainly winning this year as evidenced by the first photo I showed. The entire flower bed area is just way overgrown. Wild ivy and morning glories were making good progress at trying to take completely over. I do have just a few big bushes planted - all transplanted from our home up north. 

This week has been a lighter "extra" kid week, as in, I only had my "bonus boys" one day and no extra kids at all the rest of the week. So my boys learned the finer art of pulling weeds, trimming around trees, and cutting down the larger weeds that are trying to take over the hoop house out back. I tell ya, those weeds are determined this year!

For the last three days we have spent a couple hours every afternoon pulling weeds, laying down mulch, and trying to make the place just a bit more presentable. 



I ran out of mulch (and steam). We still have the side garden to tackle. There is a lot more of that ivy in there. Although, I have to say, there is something therapeutic about ripping all those weeds out with my bare hands!


  1. Wow Lisa, great job! It is a work in progress, like the rest of us :)

  2. Beautiful beds and a nice job. I evidently have a black thumb too. Our garden has not produced ONE edible thing. not one.


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