Monday, August 25, 2014

{Review} Veil of Tears DVD

I think oftentimes we can become complacent about the type of world we live in - especially those of us blessed enough not to live in a Third World country. Jokingly we say "First World" problems when things like our internet go out or our cell phone stops working. I often wonder how much we really know about what life can be like not living in the "land of plenty."

Recently I was given the chance to view a documentary called "Veil of Tears" that chronicles the way women in India are treated. To say it is horrific would be a gross understatement.

The film is narrated by Natalie Grant. She is a huge advocate for Abolition International which works across the globe to help save victims of sex trafficking. 

The filmmakers did an excellent job showing how women are not valued at all in the Indian culture. One story they told is of a woman who had two daughters. After the second one was born, her in-laws made her life so miserable because she had not produced a son that she tried to kill herself. A woman's worth is bound up in her the number of sons she can produce. It is not uncommon for a woman to be forced to have an abortion if it is discovered she is having a girl.

The majority of the film does chronicle what life is like for many of these families. The day-to-day struggle of simply finding enough food so that everyone can have one small meal a day is heart wrenching. Near the end of the story we are shown a family who headed to the marketplace in order to sell their young daughters simply because they could no longer feed them and, in their minds, they were giving them a better chance.

The end of the film, however, does share some strides that are being made in India to help people like the women mentioned above. Hope is given to these women and families. Gospel for Asia has partnered with Veils of Tears to set up a store where you can purchase items like t-shirts or even a copy of the DVD. If you click on any of the other links listed, you can also make a direct donation (100% of your donation goes towards helping a woman in need) to a woman in Asia who needs help. Other ways to help are by sponsoring missionaries or by purchasing other gifts such as a sewing machine or a pair of goats (click on "give a gift.")

Overall this was an excellent film that really made one think about the plight of women across the globe.

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