Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Upta Camp

Circa 2009

My hubby's family owns a camp way up in the boonies of Maine. I'm not exaggerating on that point at all. It is roughly a four hour trip for us now way down here in Central Maine to get all the way up to near the top of Moosehead Lake (the largest lake in Maine by-the-way). One drives about 30 minutes on dirt logging roads to get to the "parking area." It's then a half mile walk in to the camp - pictured above. 

Until recent years, one had to not only walk in but haul in all necessary gear, food, and water. This is definitely primiative camp. The photo I took above was from the last time I went to camp with my family so it's obviously been a few years since I've been. We now have a 4-wheeler and trailer so we can load all our gear in to that and haul it down the trail. The walk isn't all that bad, it was hauling the extra 20-30 pounds of gear that was highly annoying.

The camp has also had a face lift of sorts. The porch on the front is now all screened in. I just simply didn't think to take a photo of it while we were there last weekend. Some of the appliances have been updated (all run on gas), the building has been insulated, and the sleeping loft redone slightly. I guess a lot can change if one only visits every five years. 

Since this visit was shorter than we've done in the past due to outside obligations (namely karate class), we spent half a day on Saturday at a gravel pit not far from camp to do some shooting. Everyone had a turn. 

We have a single shot .22 rifle for our kids to start learning on. Hubby holds the ammo (and you can see how close he stands) until they are a bit older. 


Each boy is holding a .22 and plinking away at skeet targets laid out on the hillside. Hubby & I even had a turn. It was fun!

Getting instruction on the .308 rifle

Our middle son took Hunter Safety last fall and he is eager to go deer hunting this fall. This was his chance to practice shooting a larger gun. He loved it and can't wait now for hunting season to start!

Practicing from a sitting position (safer and more stable)

Then we pulled out the skeet thrower and the 12 gauge shotgun. Our middle kiddo loved shooting it and did an amazing job at hitting those skeet! In fact, he shot so much he was pretty sore in his shoulder area. That gun has a kick!

I even tried it and quit after just a few shots. Ouch! Our middle kiddo though had the hang of it and was having too much fun to stop.

Proof our oldest took a turn shooting (.22 rifle)

We finished the day shooting handguns. I needed the practice. I ended the day shooting this watermelon. So fun!

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