Thursday, June 30, 2016

Flying Dreams

When this boy was little he used to dream of being a train engineer. He lived and breathed trains. Not just Thomas the Tank Engine, but real trains too. He could identify and name any train you asked him about. Then, when he was around eight or nine, his passion switched to planes. 

He loves all kinds of planes, but his favorites are WWII planes. Quiz him the next time you see him in public. He's hard to stump.

While we were living further north, he also became relatively active in an RC plane club. It was mostly made up of older gentlemen and they were all fantastic as encouraging his love of planes. In fact, he went to one meeting and one man gifted him a plane!

He just turned 15 a few months ago and had asked for this plane. He bought it "not ready to fly" which meant you couldn't take it out of the box, charge the battery, and just go. You needed to make sure your remote and the plane's receiver could talk. His didn't. After a few weeks of frustration, buying some other parts, and finally doing some troubleshooting, he had it in the air. 

This was his second flight of the day. He's having a great time with it. A great time.

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