Friday, November 10, 2006

Craft Fair Season

Tomorrow my sister & I will be heading off to our first large craft fair. I can't wait! About two years ago we came up with the idea to turn some of our better photos into greeting cards. From there we have expanded to magnets & calendars. This year we are also trying out framed prints & Christmas cards as well. Here is some samples of what we make.

Doubling Point Lighthouse - card

Bear Brook in Greenville, Maine - magnet

A birdhouse that was at our old house.

In the past we've sort of scrambled to get in to craft fairs. We seemed to always be a step behind. We've never been able to get in to the really big ones. You know, the ones where it's wall-to-wall people & they keep coming from the time it opens until it closes? This year, though, we seem to have finally managed it - hopefully! Tomorrow we'll know for sure.

We are doing one tomorrow at a local elementary school near my sister (about 1-1/2 hours from me). We were on a waiting list & got a call that they had an opening. Yippee!!! Then next month we are doing another large one. They had a waiting list as well. The second fair sends out registration forms to everyone who was in it last year & gives them two weeks to respond. Then they move on to their waiting list. We are on the ball this year & were on the waiting list for both fairs & got in - yeah!!

We're both very excited & have been working on product for the last couple of weeks. We ordered 80 Christmas cards from Snapfish. They came out VERY nice. We have two shots of snow-covered branches (fir & plain) & used those. I also made up prints of the lightening photos I have posted on my first blog that we'll be selling as framed prints. I only did the first two. We're hoping they go well. Actually, we're hoping we have a banner day! I'll be sure to post & tell everyone how it went.

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  1. Now that I've read further I see what you made for the craft show. Are you doing more sales this year?


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