Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Walks

I love where we live. I really do. I especially love it when fall comes full force. The trees are just gorgeous around here with all the color on them right now. It goes by so fast. This is how lucky I am to live where I do.....

I go for a daily walk in good weather with all the kiddos. The fresh air & exercise is good for us. I try to do it the middle of our homeschool day to break things up. It also acts as our PE. This is what the road looks like where we walk. The above photo is the mouth of the camp road just down from our house. When we are short on time, we go this way. It's only about a mile to where we turn around & go back - the round trip. It's relatively flat too.

This is a trail that goes up from the road near the end. Isn't that just beautiful?

This is where we turn around. If we continue we will arrive at the end of the lake. We're only about another 500 feet from it at this point, but the "road" gets rather rough. It's a private road, but we actually own the right away to the lake & go here frequently. I don't allow the kids to go every day simply because they will get too wet & I can't handle that on a daily basis. ;-) When we build a house in a few years, one spot we are thinking of is actually at the end of the lake here. The property we live on has frontage on this camp road for quite a ways. Then it jogs back in to the woods & comes out again at the end of this road right on the lake. It's one spot we're considering, but we'll know more once we actually get ready to build. And these are the leaves I saw today. Yes, I did line up these four red ones, but I had to. I love the red leaves the most. They are so bright & vibrant. The colors just say "fall" to me.

Then I spotted this rainbow colored leaf on the way up our driveway. Truly amazing.


  1. I LOVE the colors! Wow! We miss fall so much being down here in the southern part of the states. We were just talking about that. It doesn't FEEL like October.....I need to dig out some fall decor anyway. LOL

  2. So beautiful! I love the fall pictures! It is one of the things, I truly love about Maine. Keep the pics coming! :)

  3. Beautiful pictures, Lisa.

  4. That rainbow leaf is AMAZING! I hope you dried it somehow and can make it into something really CUTE!


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