Tuesday, December 9, 2008

SHS Ornament Swap

It's here! Every year my Yahoo group, SHS (or Support for Home and School) does an ornament swap. This is the 3rd or 4th year now I've participated and it's always fun. My ornament actually arrived on the 2nd (I think...) but it took me a bit to grab a photo & post this.

Here is what came my way this year....

Aren't those neat!

The gold ball is handmade & it's very pretty. The photo simply does not do it justice. It's a Styrofoam ball covered in gold sequins held in place by gold topped pins. Simply gorgeous! It's going to look great on our tree with the Christmas lights this year I'm sure.

Also included was a great candy cane ornament & yes, it's facing the right way. There is a legend about the candy cane and here is what is printed on the back of the box...

Jesus is the Reason!
Jesus, Gentle Shepherd,
this cane of red and white
proclaims the
sweet love story
born on Christmas night.

This can, you see,
when turned around
begins your name of Love
and now becomes a symbol
of peace proclaimed above.

The lively peppermint
flavor is the regal
gift of spice.
The white is your purity
and the red your sacrifice.

And so this cane reminds
us of just how much
you care and like your
Christmas Gift to us
it's meant for all to share.

That is a great reminder of why we celebrate Christmas.

So who do I need to thank...Andra!!! And I have to apologize, I did not save the address so I can't remember where you live but I'm pretty sure it's out west somewhere. Thank you, Andra. Both of the ornaments are just great & the gold ball survived the trip completely unscathed. ;-)


  1. I LOVE our ornament exchange! Thanks for sharing a picture of the one you received.

  2. That is very pretty!
    Isn't it fun to get things in the mail! :)


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