Friday, February 5, 2010

Friday's Fave Five

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I've actually been thinking a lot this week about what I would post on Friday. I'm really enjoying thinking all of the blessings from my week.

1. My oldest son. As he is maturing in to a young adult (he's now 13), I'm beginning to see some nice character qualities. Each morning he gets up, hangs out for about 30 minutes and has his breakfast. Breakfast is a "help yourself" thing in this house since I'm not much of a morning person or breakfast eater. We do better on weekends. Anyway, after that he gets dressed and does his "morning routine" that I have set for each boy - without prompting. Then he does his animal chores which, in the winter, includes bringing up the water (we bring it in at night so it doesn't freeze solid), feeding them and gathering eggs. He then grabs his box of school work and gets going on it. All without prompting from me. I told him this week how happy this makes me. He really is a great kid. Typically he's also a great role model for his younger brothers. He is 4-1/2 years older than N8 and 7-1/2 years old than J6. This morning I witnessed N8 following B13's example. Typically I have to tell him to get busy on his morning routine and school work. This morning he did it all on his own. I love it.

2. Our chickens are paying for themselves - finally! This past May my FIL surprised us with six baby chicks. I was thrilled! Then in September we were gifted six more by friends from church. My hubby was eagerly waiting for them to start laying. It was a slow start, but we are now averaging about eight eggs a day. I think once it warms up and it's lighter longer, we'll begin getting a full dozen a day. Our top number is eleven in one day. We started selling the eggs to family, friends, and hubby's co-workers about a month ago. Just this week I went to buy a bag of pellets for them and used cash from the egg-money. My hubby is absolutely thrilled and the chickens won't be turned in to stew - yet.

3. Sunlight - We've gained almost thirty minutes of sunlight since December 21st. I miss the sun in the winter months.

4. Teaching my six year old - This child is a riot. We sat down together yesterday to work on school together. We're working through late kindergarten/early first grade materials and math is sometimes still a mystery to him. Anyway, as we were working on his math paper, he was just making the funniest faces as he was getting it. I wish I had thought to snag a photo. He was so excited to be understanding this. I am chuckling a day later just remembering it all. I love this kid.

5. My middle son - It seems like I should add in a line just for N8 since I've mentioned his two brothers. I love this child too. He is my sensitive one. He's also such a hard worker. He loves it when it snows - which thankfully it hasn't done for a bit - and he runs out without being asked to shovel. Seriously. His work ethic for one so young is just amazing. I'm truly blessed by my children.

And I'm reminded I really need to update photos of these kiddos. ;-)


  1. I love how you spoke about each child! Fun!
    Have a great weekend!

  2. I enjoyed reading about your kids.

    Yeah for the chickens doing what they are supposed to !

    I was noticing that it's finally getting lighter faster in the mornings. Yipee!

  3. I enjoyed readin about your boys...and getting a little peek into your home. Fresh eggs are a blessing! Glad your hens are beginning to pull their weight.

  4. Your boys sound wonderful. Enjoy these quickly passing years. My son is now 18 and we're coming to the end of his schooling. We have many great memories too.

  5. I'm seeing those maturity signs in one of my boys, too, and it's so satisfying, isn't it? A real blessing!

    Interesting, those middle sons. Do I have stories! (I have four, you know.)

    Hope the upcoming week is just as much of a blessing!


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