Tuesday, April 13, 2010

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FOR TODAY...Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Outside my window...darkness.

I am thinking...I'm enjoying the fact that I don't have to plan any school tomorrow for the boys. I just have to teach a co-op class instead.

I am thankful for...the warmer weather this weeks. I like the cooler nights for sleeping...if I could convince hubby not to crank the wood stove at night....

From the learning rooms...added in some fun stuff (I think) this week. I bought a Christian Liberty Academy Edition history book this weekend (Child's Story of America) and we're reading that for "history." The boys seem to like it. One chapter a day. Began learning a new poem this week "The Moon" by Robert Louis Stevenson. Also learning a new song - "America the Beautiful."  Lots going well which is nice.

From the kitchen...nada. Baseball season has started and the two youngest are on two different teams. I was at the local field for practice for almost three hours tonight. I really should put more stuff in the freezer.

I am wearing..."the uniform" plus a cardigan.

I am creating...nothing right now.

I am going...to try to figure out a workable schedule. I'm working on making changes this week. So far so good.

I am reading...a new blogging for books book - it's pretty good. My Prentiss study Bible study plus my Bible - trying to finish my "90-Day" Challenge - way late but determined to FINISH IT!

I am hoping...to get the rest of my Crew reviews done before the end of May. Here's hoping!

I am hearing...American Idol playing on the TV. Love the DVR though. I can fast forward commercials and the judges when they get loopy. 

Around the house...Decluttering is happening! Not fast but at least it's happening! I even gave up two boxes of reader books to the thrift store this week. This is HUGE for me!

One of my favorite things...spring weather. Bike rides. My chickens (when they are playing nice). My kids. Too many to pick from. 

A few plans for the rest of the week:
Wednesday: Homeschool co-op. Hubby is coming to talk about his job. Then I'm teaching about England. After co-op worship team practice and then off to do grocery shopping (bread store, Shaw's for their awesome deals, and then Hannaford to finish up). 
Thursday: Actually home until baseball practice at 4pm & then off to AWANA. N9 will miss his baseball practice tonight as it will be at the same time as AWANA.
Friday: Trying to figure out how to be at two places at once. Not sure how it will work out but if it's meant to happen it will. Home all day though!
Saturday: Our first official 4-H activity - tin punching workshop. Then our group is getting together to make tie-dyed T-shirts. Fun! I've never tie-dyed. 

Here is picture for thought I am sharing...

This is how we'll be spending many evenings from now until June.
And N9 has apparently forgotten he's batted left for the last two years. No matter how often I remind him, he's been trying to bat right.

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  1. That is to funny. How bad are the conflicts in your scheduling? I'm lucky that when both my kids play on the same night, they are at the same field. (we have a huge field with 4 different baseball fields) So, I can go between the two games. Can get crazy though huh?


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