Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge - November 20

I was going to post about something else entirely today. But I just saw this video posted on Facebook.

I'm thankful that there are such creative people out there who are brave enough to attempt things like this. I love seeing the expressions not only on the faces of the people surprised by the singers but the singers themselves. This is hard song to sing but they are throughly enjoying themselves. Oh & the guy who comes in singing holding the "caution wet floor sign" cracks me up! And the ending...oh the ending just touches my very soul and brings tears to my eyes.

I'm also thankful for the wonderful composers in our past. Handel wrote such an amazing piece of music in celebration of our Lord. The Hallelujah Chorus from his oratorio Messiah is very well known. I love hearing this sung at any time of year, but most especially as we get ready to enter the season of Advent - preparing our hearts for Christ's arrival and the celebration of Christmas. 


  1. WOW! What a great flashmob! These are so much fun, but this one was beautiful. The Hallelujah chorus from Messiah always gives me the chills, but this was special. How brilliant to bring it to the middle of a mall, and maybe remind everyone that the best gift ever was given freely. Don't stress about the shopping!

  2. That brought tears to my eyes! It is amazing, and exactly what I needed. Did you notice that multiple people sitting were singing along? I'm choosing to think that they were people in the crowd just moved to join in rather than planned performers. :)


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