Saturday, February 19, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up - lots of art

The first two days of this week we spent a lot of time doing art and music. My two favorite subjects.

Monday my sister came to visit and we did our Fine Arts Co-Op. We finished making plans for the remainder of the year.  We've covered a lot of great composers and artists and mostly had fun doing it. We plan to end the year with a trip to an art museum. There is a great one on a local college campus that offers tours and it's free. I love free. In the meantime, if you'd like to check out an art museum and some famous paintings, check out this Google Art Project. I saw this on Teach Kids Art and it's amazing!

On Tuesday we headed north for our monthly art class. I continue to be impressed by the wonderful woman who teaches these classes. She takes a hands-off approach to teaching. She simply shows the kids what it is they are to do and then leaves them to create. She is always available for a helping hand or to bounce ideas off. This month they kids all glazed the pottery they created last month. She has oodles of colors to choose from. She also offered up blank tiles for the kids to glaze as well. I see lots of hot plates in my future.

Oh the joys of coming spring! On Wednesday we had lovely temperatures in the mid-40s. After weeks of single digits it felt like a heat wave. Last year we had a very warm late winter and hardly any snow. In fact, on the 17th of last February I posted photos comparing what my backyard looked like. Well, this year, we definitely have snow! Although, that did not stop N9 from taking his bike for a spin today.

This summer he and I (and his grandmother) will be biking together in the Tour de Cure. N9 is super excited and today he biked around the yard for a good 15-20 minutes and called it his "first training ride." We'll be doing a 25K (15 miles) and I don't think it will affect him much at all! However, once the snow is gone I'll start taking longer training rides with him. I have a six mile loop I ride (lots of hills) and I'm sure we'll do a few longer ones as well.

We are now over half-way done with school. Monday was day 87 which was our halfway mark. Maine requires 175 days. It feels good knowing that! And we continue to stay ahead of where we were last year. That feels even better! I feel my checklists are saving me this year! I'll be sharing what they look like at the end.

Thursday was a typical school day although the boys did have AWANA club in the evening. I am a bit frustrated with my middle son who continues to skip work and telling me he is done when he isn't. We're continuing to work on getting him a bit more independent and encouraging him to come ask me if he doesn't understand my instructions.

It was more of the "same old same old" on Friday. I had planned to be gone in the morning so the boys were on their own to do their school work. I love having a teenager who is old enough to babysit! However, the weather did not cooperate and even though I was home after all we did not do together school. It was a very low key type of day.

Today, Saturday, the boys raced their cars at the AWANA Grand Prix. They had a great time - as always. Lots of fun, food, and fellowship. 

That wraps up our week here. If you'd like to see what others have accomplished or link up yourself, head over to Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


  1. Wasn't the warmer temperatures wonderful? I'm ready to trade snow for mud! LOL How nice that you can do some of your school with family!


  2. The Tour de Cure sounds like an exciting summer project! Love that he is biking in the snow. :)

    We also warmed up this week... and are even having a true spring thunder and lightning storm right now! Crazy.

  3. Looks like a great week! Love the focus on the fine arts--I'm bad about letting those subjects be consumed by others. What a blessing to do school with your sister! (and I had to giggle that you love free--don't we all! ha)


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