Tuesday, March 17, 2009

My Mom

For those that aren't on any Yahoo Groups with me or on Facebook....

My mother went to be with the Lord on Saturday evening after a brief but fierce battle against leukemia. Near the end of her first round of chemo she contracted the MRSA virus. This is a staph infection that is antibiotic resistant. One of the new "superbugs." Her body could not fight it off.

My mother was my biggest cheerleader. The one who encouraged me to dream the biggest dream I could. I always knew that no matter what I wanted to try, she would be right there yelling the loudest & telling everyone she knew about it. She was always so extremely proud of her children & you never had to wonder about that. She told you all the time.

Every phone call ended with "love you."

She loved her children and her grandchildren. She was always thrilled to hold a baby, listen to a story, or get new drawings from a grandchild. The hardest part was finding wall space or fridge space to hang them on.

She lived out her faith every single day. She came to Christ as an adult - after moving her family from Massachusetts to Maine - soon after my younger sister was born. I still remember praying as a family in the morning before leaving for school. She left a Christ-filled legacy to her children.
I will miss my mom the rest of my life, but I know that I will see her once again. This is only good-bye for a little while.


  1. Lisa, I am so sorry to hear this news! I will be praying for your family during this time!

  2. I'm so sorry, Lisa. May the strength and peace of the Lord be with you and your family. It is a great consolation knowing that she has gone home to the loving arms of the Lord.((hugs))

  3. You said it best...it's only goodbye for a little while...

  4. Lisa,

    AMEN! Only for a little while. The passing on of a loved one seems to make heaven that much closer.

  5. You've been in my thoughts and prayers. Sounds like your Mom was a very wonderful person, it was nice to read a little more about her.

    hugs and continued prayers,


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