Sunday, December 6, 2009


I thought it would be fun tonight to look at the stats regarding my blog. Just for fun. And, well, okay, I'm attempting to post something daily & I needed a topic.

I started blogging on June 8, 2005 over at Homeschool Blogger. I maintained a blog there off and on (mostly off) until Septmeber 29, 2006. I found Homeschool Blogger pretty clunky & I saw a lot of my friends making their blogs pretty using Blogger. It was easy to edit, add gadgets, and gussy up quite a bit - so I switched. I left my blog at Homeschool Blogger until June 2008 when I ended up making it in to a MS Word document & deleting it all off Homeschool Blogger (they had a rule against inactive blogs). I can't get my photos to copy out of Word & into Blogger or I would add all the posts here. All the photos I used on that blog are on an old hard drive that is no longer residing in a computer. This has future project written all over it doesn't it?

So I have been here - at Blogger - since October 2006. Well, actually, I do have a few posts from 2005 (my first is here - there are no links as mentioned in that post because the link no longer worked) but I didn't begin using Blogger fully until that October post.

This post HERE was a fun look back to the beginning of 2005. This is when my boys were little. J5 would have been just over a year old. N8 was 3-1/2 & B13 would have been 9. WOW! Time certainly does fly by fast. The end of January 2005 would have also marked about six months living in here on the farm.

I've had over 18,000 visitors to my blog in the three years I've had it here on Blogger. That's just amazing. Over 18,000 people read what I write! Yeah, I know, compared to a lot of bloggers out there, 18,000 is what they get in a DAY let alone three years. But I'm quite happy with my little spot on the web.

I have posted over 750 posts as well in that time. Wow - you'd think I have a lot to say or something!

And just for fun....


  1. Is that 18,000 different people who read our blog or you've had 18,000 hits? Since I check your blog everyday that adds up to well over a thousand just from one person... just curious because I'm kind of a stats person myself.

  2. I'm pretty sure it's unique hits. So if you come using the same computer each day, then it's one visitor but if you use different ones it's two. I think.... LOL I know it doesn't track me coming here either. ;-)


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